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What is this site?
Mail Abyss is a site designed to protect user's inboxes from excessive spam from dubious registrations through Disposable Email Addressing. Using this site, a user can give away a MailAbyss.com email address without prior registration and can access that inbox without a password. This allows the user to mask their true email address when giving out to other people, or dubious websites. Because the inbox doesn't have a password anyone can access it who knows the name.

If anyone can read my inbox, what is the point?
The point is that it is a one time use address. If you were to continue to use it, you would be building your identity around it, leading back to the original problem of not wanting to give that away. Some other disposable email providers offer "hashed addresses" where that address will leave email in a different inbox on the site, allowing the user to give away the hashed address, so anyone else does not see the real inbox. I am not a fan of this approach for a few reasons: 1) It implies a certain amount of security, which isn't really present. If the true address is ever discovered, it is compromised. 2) It encourages users to continue using the disposable address, building their identity around it. 3) Users have to visit the site first to obtain the hashed address before giving it away.

How long do you keep email?
1 hour Max, or until the user's inbox is full, then email is deleted starting with the oldest. If you want to see an email for longer, you will have to forward it to an external address, using the forward link. You'll also have to solve a small captcha before being able to do so. This is also the only way to view attachments.

How do I receive email?
By going to MailAbyss.com, then entering the adress you wish to check. This will list all emails in that particular inbox, and you can view an email by clicking on the subject line. This is the only way to receive email. MailAbyss does not offer POP3 or IMAP compatability. In the future RSS will be offered but is still currently in developement.

What if an email has an attachment?
Attachments are limited to 100k in size, and can only be viewed by forwarding the email to an external address. Other than the email body, you can view the headers by clicking "View Headers" link on the email page.

I'm ready to start, which email address should I pick?
You should start by making it unique. Don't pick "bob" or "joe" or anything anyone else may have thought of. If you are concerned someone else may have used it recently, you could check the address on the site before using it. However since email is deleted after an hour you wouldn't really know anyway.

I like this, but would like to use my own domain name.
If you own your own domain, it's as easy as setting the MX record of the domain to mail.mailabyss.com. If you like the service I provide, you could thank me by placing a link to mailabyss.com on your site somewhere.

Questions or Comments? Send an email to: webmaster@mailabyss.com

Useful Links
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